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Creative 4 Fun

"Let's frame some fun"

Meet Our Artists

Meet our artists and the assistants that help make your experience memorable.

Phylisha / Phyllis


Phyllis aka Phylisha, started drawing at the age of five (5) years old. Her main focus was to attend the Arts High School and go on from there to become an artist in the Fine Arts. Life took a turn after high school, but she never gave up her hopes and dreams of pursuing her passion in the Arts. 
She's self taught and like to paint life as it is around her. Creative 4 Fun is her expression of all the creativity that's flows throughout her veins. She loves sharing the gift that God has blessed her with and always hopeful of inspiring another in the path.


Actor and Artist

This witty jack-of-all-trades is just that! Painting for her is a "calming before the storm". She uses it as a pass-time tool, then engages herself to the point of NO return. Small works is her favorite.


Artist Assistant

Shamir brings the energy and the ability to multitask in any given situation. He's great with the clients and gives us that swagger needed to get the job done. His assistance is greatly appreciated, especially by the ladies... and he strives to make every paint party a memorable one.


Artist Assistant

Tina helps get the job done with her carefree personality, she assists and follows direction in every way possible to make your experience an enjoyable one that will make you want us to come back again.


Artist Assistant

Determined to help you enjoy every aspect of your experience with us; 
Sha'day goes above and beyond to provide excellent client/artist engagement.
Great with the kids, and always willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy.