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The Art of Phylisha


The Art of Phylisha features work of our professional artist;  Her artwork entertains the mind with both biographical and demographic perspectives. These traces of self-reference often offer the viewer a point of entry to become engaged in her work.

"God is the Greatest Artist; I'm just a pupil of his infinite works, here to share with you as I'm instructed. I hope you enjoy the lesson as I do." ...Phylisha  

Phylisha (Phyllis) settled in Pennsylvania over 14 years ago. She attended the Arts High school in Newark, NJ, where she was raised. 

She has a history of exhibitions abroad and have been featured in several art shows and publications.

 Phyllis knew early on that her passion was to make art so that others could recognize its story or witness their own experience through her work. At the age of 5, she became interested in art when a next-door neighbor introduced her to what she thought was magic before her eyes. He began drawing on a piece of paper and it seemed as if the drawing had come to life, thereafter a match was made in heaven her love for art was acclaimed.

From kindergarten throughout high school, Phyllis had one goal in mind, that was to become a 'fine arts' artist but as time went on,  and because of a work injury that limited her painting skills she began to experience art in different forms;

Now trying to keep up with grandchildren birthdays and other party events; Art has taken a new meaning, which is why Creative 4 Fun was developed.

Creative 4 Fun is dedicated to providing a great time and giving patrons a sense of joy with every piece of art they experience, through this poetry of art, sight, sound and fun.

All it takes is the right environment to bring it out…

Our artist Phyllis is elated that God has allowed her to retain this talent and first love of art. But she’s also delighted to return bringing creativity and the joy of making projects to enhance parties and events. “…It’s satisfying when you see someone having a good experience because of something you enjoyed making. She states “God is the greatest artist! I’m just a student of his infinite works; here to learn the lesson being taught and to share it with others.

She is hopeful that her warm nature and inclusive personality will provide a unique and enjoyable experience.


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Phylisha in the studio

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